Piety and Desire Chocolate

The Pitch

Piety and Desire Chocolate manufactures chocolate and “Slow Food” works of art from bean-to-bar-to-bonbon-and-beyond while ethically sourcing sustainably grown cacao, thus helping break the cycle of poverty for cacao farmers while promoting healthier ecosystems worldwide.

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Christopher Nobles

Christopher Nobles

The Entrepreneur

Christopher Nobles is a New Orleans native and artist who is a food product himself, having been distilled from at least 5 generations’ worth of local food businesses. Starting with his Sicilian great-great-grandfather, who turned a bulb of garlic into a corner grocery, and culminating in his grandfather’s gifts of childhood chocolates from his lil’ Pidgin Town grocery, with careers in pastry throughout the family line, one might say he was destined to adopt the medium of chocolate in parallel to his love for- and careers in other artistic sciences like music and psychology.


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