Paw Bakery

The Pitch

Paw Bakery is a dog and cat treat business with an emphasis on healthy, homemade, and holistic ingredients with high ambitions to source local ingredients and create a charity service that helps people with invisible disabilities rescue, and professionally train their own service dog.

Myishen Haines

Myishen Haines

The Entrepreneur

Myishen Haines is a California native living in New Orleans. After much consideration, she decided that the treats she made for her own dog and cats, could benefit others’ pets as well. So she opened Paw Bakery, a healthy alternative to store bought treats. Myishen sees a lot of potential in Paw Bakery due to the social impact it can make; as a person with an invisible disability, she understands the importance of giving pets the best food possible, because often, our animals keep us motivated and ease our minds.


2021 Impact Accelerator Ventures



Sole Proprietorship