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WhereWeGo provides high-quality college guidance software designed to support 9th through 12th graders in building college readiness habits, while supplementing and enhancing the college guidance process for students and counselors. WhereWeGo equips those who need it most with the information that they need in the path to colleges and careers.

Ben Ifshin, Leah Lykins

Ben Ifshin, Leah Lykins

The Entrepreneur

Ben Ifshin
As an educator, Ben Ifshin believes that joy is both a classroom and learning imperative. By weaving in music, technology, games, and rigorous work, Ben ensured that his class was a unique place to learn. As an award-winning biology teacher for six years, Ben’s students consistently outperformed their peers on state exams. Equipped with the personal experience of implementing the first generation of edTech platforms in his classroom and the reality of his students’ experiences applying for and persisting in college, Ben founded WhereWeGo to tackle the injustices of college access for students and counselors across the country.

Leah Lykins
In the classroom, Leah Lykins positions student’s personal aspirations at the center of learning and provides opportunities to develop students’ career knowledge. Outside of the classroom, Leah was a member of Leading Educators of New Orleans and NSNO’s Personalized Learning Teacher Fellowship. She has also directed teacher coaching and training in multiple schools and with the City Year organization. From her 8 years working with high schoolers in New Orleans, Leah is driven to tackle the problem of college persistence and to help schools keep the promise of college graduation. As a founding member of WhereWeGo, Leah is now putting those lessons into crafting equitable, accessible EdTech solutions for college guidance counselors and first generation college students.


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