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The Pitch

ORA Estuaries grows oyster reefs into living coastal protection infrastructure by deploying innovative technology designed to break waves and grow faster than sea level rise. Since 2010, ORA Estuaries’ work has resulted in over 3 miles of oyster reef shoreline.

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ORA Estuaries
Tyler Ortego

Tyler Ortego

The Entrepreneur

Tyler Ortego is a coastal engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for commercializing promising environmental technologies. Mr. Ortego uses his prior experience as a water resources engineering consultant to identify opportunities, navigate red tape, and get proprietary products specified into public sector contracts. Tyler also has a great passion for oysters. This delicious delicacy is as wondrous in the water as it is on the plate. Having successfully implemented projects that use living oyster reefs to protect coastal wetlands, Tyler is now tapping into the burgeoning mitigation banking and water quality credit trading industries to make sure our oysters are thriving for generations to come. Tyler Ortego is the winner of the 2014 New Orleans Water Challenge and Entrepreneur Week’s 2015 Big Idea Challenge. He is an active member of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute.


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