New Orleans Eat Local Challenge

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An initiative to increase the awareness of the nutritional, economic, cultural, and environmental benefits of eating locally sourced foods in New Orleans.


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New Orleans Eat Local Challenge
Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford

The Entrepreneur

Lee Stafford
Born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana, Lee Stafford graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from Tulane University in 1990. After witnessing the hardships of the seafood industry after Hurricane Katrina and the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, passion for the local food economy led Lee Stafford and Dr. Leslie Brown to launch the New Orleans Eat Local Challenge. Lee has also been a long-time vocal supporter of the movement to revitalize the historic Lower St. Charles Avenue corridor. In addition to his work with the New Orleans Eat Local Challenge, Lee is currently employed with Saturn Screenprinting, the OCH Art Market, and is involved in several real estate projects around New Orleans.


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