The Pitch

mySickleHealth ensures optimal health and improved quality of life for every patient with sickle cell disease by using a mobile phone app to provide access to health care and foster patient compliance.

Rishi Chavan

Rishi Chavan

The Entrepreneur

Dr. Chavan joined the section of pediatric hematology/oncology at Tulane Medical Center as an attending physician in 2012, after completing fellowship training in pediatric hematology oncology at Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers – Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Dr. Chavan is currently leading several clinical trials aspiring to improve the quality of life for patients with sickle cell disease (SCD), by researching better ways to avoid vaso-occlusive (pain) crisis and related complications. He has several years of experience in treating pediatric, adolescent and adult patients with SCD facilitating their comprehensive care and appropriate transition. His primary focus is to ensure the prevention of long-term complications in SCD patients by meticulous followup, patient education, access to healthcare, appropriate medical management, social interventions and community participation. To help achieve this goal and further improve health utilization efficiency he is partnering with insurance companies, state health departments, NGOs, public health institutes and other healthcare providers through mySickleHealth venture as a part of his startup Preventive HealthCare Solutions LLC.


During the Startup Accelerator, mySickleHealth honed in on their value proposition and revenue model. They also got IRB approval and conducted market research with sickle cell patients, primary care providers, and insurance companies. They brought on two Tulane MBA students to execute further market research and business development. mySickleHealth is partnering with Tulane and two managed care organizations for the initial pilot, and will continue developing their MVP over the next few months.


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