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Mymee’s Digital Therapeutics program reverses the symptoms of chronic autoimmune disease through data analytics and health coaching, reducing or eliminating the need for expensive drugs.

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Mette Dyhrberg, Eric Lubow

Mette Dyhrberg, Eric Lubow

The Entrepreneur

Mette Dyhrberg (Founder)
Mette Dyhrberg is a serial entrepreneur and digital health innovator. An economist turned diagnostician, she’s the Sherlock Holmes of anamnestic data that first entered the functional medicine arena in an attempt to tackle her own chronic health issues. For years, Mette battled a constantly changing and ever expanding array of medical diagnoses. In 2011, she took matters into her own hands, hacked her own health and founded Mymee. In doing so, she created a tool that solved her own health problems and helped restore quality of life of chronic autoimmune patients who had been failed by the modern medical system.

Eric Lubow
Eric Lubow is a proven CTO and problem solver. He was co-founder and CTO of SimpleReach, the leading content data platform. He specializes in building and architecting distributed systems with a focus on reliability and monitoring. Eric also has experience building R&D teams, engineering, development, and dev-ops teams, and business related teams. Eric is one of the authors of Practical Cassandra and has been using Cassandra in production for almost 10 years. He also led soldiers in combat during his time in the service. Eric continues to pass on knowledge by mentoring junior executives in his spare time.


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