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Million Dollar Scholar provides parents and schools with a step-by-step strategy to help their students win scholarship awards.

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Ras Asan and Derrius Quarles

Ras Asan and Derrius Quarles

The Entrepreneur

Ras Asan
Ras Asan serves as the Chief Operating Officer. Asan recieved his B.A. in sociology from Morehouse College (cum laude). As a natural entrepreneur with a social conscience, Ras has used his curriculum and logistics experience cultivated as a former NASA employee to push Million Dollar Scholar to the forefront of the burgeoning ed-tech industry.

Derrius Quarles
Derrius Quarles was born and bred on the south-side of Chicago, but his ethos is that of a global citizen. Having had the opportunity to gain over one million dollars in scholarship awards before entering Morehouse College (cum laude), was holistically life-changing. He consequently authored the education bestseller MillionDollarScholar: Winning The Scholarship Race. He is humbled and honored that his work has been featured on CNN, MTV, Huffington Post, TEDx, and Time and to have been bestowed with awards from the Common Ground Foundation, Points of Light Foundation, as well as President Obama and the White House.


In the past three decades alone, the average cost of college has risen by 1000%, leading 75% of Americans to think college is too expensive and therefore unattainable. The average college student graduates with about $30,000
in debt, limiting those graduates’ abilities to pursue careers and other life experiences. College counselors are overburdened, with counselor to student ratios ranging from 250 to 400:1.


Nearly $1 million in total self-reported scholarships awarded to 100 students, an average of $7,500 earned for each student connected to the resources of the program.


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