Legacy Leadership Academy for Girls

The Pitch

Legacy Leadership Academy for Girls is a multi-year residency program designed to build a sisterhood bound through service, leadership, and empowerment and inspire girls of color across the Greater New Orleans area while working collaboratively with their mothers to strengthen the entire family.

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Ronicka Briscoe

Ronicka Briscoe

The Entrepreneur

Ronicka Briscoe is the founder of Legacy Leadership Academy for Girls, brings over a decade of experience in education, non-profit board leadership, and advocacy. Ronicka is a proud New Orleans native. Ronicka earned her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Xavier University of Louisiana (X-U). Ronicka continued her educational journey in which she pursued educational leadership, public administration and business management. Ronicka’s belief in providing all children with an excellent education compelled her to become a teacher following Hurricane Katrina. Over the last 13 years, Ronicka has worked in New Orleans public schools as a teacher, curriculum coordinator, assistant principal and principal. Ronicka currently works as an educational consultant. She is actively involved in promoting positive and sustainable community change through board service in the following organizations: Brothers Empowered to Teach (Chair), 826 New Orleans (President), 826 National (Member), Aurora West Civic Association (Member), and Teach For America Alumni Advisory (Member). Ronicka is happily married and have two beautiful children. She is also committed to working relentlessly in partnership with families, schools, and community members/organizations to ensure the Girls who participate in the LLAG Residency are empowered to build a vision for their own future and use their natural leadership abilities and talents to forge the path to attaining their vision.


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