Hollygrove Market & Farm

The Pitch

Hollygrove Market & Farm (HMF) brings fresh, nutritious food to the New Orleans market while supporting the local economy, local farmers and increasing environmental sustainability through the sourcing of local produce and value-added grocery items. HMF purchases from over 150 local family farms and value added producers annually and offers home delivery service, as well as discounts for students, SNAP, and neighborhood residents to help offset the costs of healthful eating.

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Hollygrove Market & Farm
Angelina Harrison

Angelina Harrison

The Entrepreneur

Angelina Harrison has lived in New Orleans for the past four years and has loved it! She came to the city with a professional background in climate action planning, but left her policy work for a hands-on job in the local food system in New Orleans. In 2015, after years of working in many capacities at the Hollygrove Market & Farm, she became General Manager. In 2014, she and her husband had their first baby on Lundi Gras, making the Mardi Gras season that much more special for them every year.


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