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Harmony Health Care provides the highest quality, most comprehensive, and accessible healthcare at an affordable cost to patients.

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David Kulick, Joanna Jao, Kurt Fiore, Jonah Mink & Erin Yastrow

David Kulick, Joanna Jao, Kurt Fiore, Jonah Mink & Erin Yastrow

The Entrepreneur

David is passionate about health equity for all individuals. He has worked both in the United States and abroad in both public health and healthcare for the last decade. After living in 8 cities across the world over the last decade, he settled in New Orleans with his family as his home and is dedicated to solutions that improve health care and health outcomes for all his fellow New Orleanians.

Joanna received her B.S. in Public Health from Tulane University. After graduating, Joanna worked with New Orleans healthcare startups and local nonprofits. She is returning to school in 2017 to pursue her Masters of Health Administration at Tulane University School of Public Health. Joanna is excited to combine her entrepreneurial spirit and healthcare experiences to make the healthcare system more effective and accessible.

Kurt moved from Baltimore to New Orleans about a year ago. Kurt served as an internal financial consultant for 10 years with the majority of that time spent at Johns Hopkins Medicine. He completed his MBA at Loyola University of Maryland and is a member of its graduate alumni board. His background is in constructing and implementing strategic business plans, financial analytics and business development. He enjoys New Orleans’ culture, people, architecture, and of course, it’s food.

Erin Yastrow is passionate about finding innovative solutions to improve health outcomes. Erin received her B.S. in Public Health from Tulane University and fell in love with New Orleans. Erin continued her education at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and is currently a candidate for her M.S. in Public Health. After spending a year in Baltimore, she recently returned to New Orleans to complete the practical component of her degree. Erin is excited to combine her passion and experience to enhance health for all New Orleanians.

Dr. Jonah Mink is a senior resident in Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Pennsylvania and an experienced social entrepreneur. Through his work with the Millennium Villages Project, City Health Works!, MobileODT, in India and in Israel, he has created and collaborated on innovations that improve the delivery of medical care to marginalized communities. He co-founded the social venture Migrant Health which focuses on building financially sustainable and socially responsible models to incorporate marginalized communities into mainstream healthcare systems. He has experience designing systems for individual and population health management both in the US and abroad.


Harmony Health solidified their revenue model and business plan. They conducted significant market research and honed in on their value proposition and brand. Over the next few months, they will continue building a strategic advisory board of business and health care leaders, and are focused on raising seed funding to launch their pilot.


2015 Startup Ventures




Propeller is the driver of our initial success. Ninety percent of ideas lose momentum and don’t go anywhere because execution is so hard. Propeller is the reason we have been able to achieve our initial success and feel confident that we can launch our pilot to scale.

David Kulick
Co-Founder, Harmony Health Care (Propeller'15)

Propeller’s Accelerator Program far exceeded expectations. Propeller’s connections to business leaders and pro-bono network combined with the lead mentor coaching sessions were valuable to our company’s success, and significantly decreased the time needed to build and launch our company. We are forever grateful for Propeller and expect future ventures in New Orleans to receive tremendous value from Propeller.

Kurt Fiore
Co-Founder, Harmony Health Care (Propeller'15)