Glory Gardens

The Pitch

Glory Gardens designs and builds ecologically regenerative gardens and green spaces that reduce flooding and contributes to the health and wealth of households by providing access to produce that is sustainably grown, nutrient dense, and marketable. Their focus is to “center gardens as an impactful tool for implementing a holistic approach to improving the lives of individuals and the health of communities.”

Rianda “Reedy” Brooks

Rianda “Reedy” Brooks

The Entrepreneur

Reedy Brooks has ten years of professional experience as a gardener and farmer and has continued training in ecological stewardship through intensive certification programs in holistic land management, permaculture design, agriscaping, and the green infrastructure. She recently has started the process of becoming a registered horticultural therapist with the intent to partner with healthcare providers in developing and implementing client oriented, goal directed therapy for those with physical and/or psychological disabilities.


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