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The Pitch

An online local grocery platform providing on-demand delivery of local grocery retail for individuals with limited or no access to reliable transportation.


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Fresh Hands
Trey Green

Trey Green

The Entrepreneur

Trey Green (Founder, CEO)
Trey Green is the Founder & CEO of GroPro. A 24 year old entrepreneur from Mobile, AL, Trey earned a B.A. in Public Health from Dillard University in 2015. He later enrolled at the University of New Orleans to purse his MBA, where his love for entrepreneurship spiked tremendously. Over the years, he has compiled years of experience in physical health related fields, and understands how the at risk population is in dire need of more food access services. While obtaining extensive research in the food e-commerce industry, and assessing the modern trends in technology, Trey curated this vision to amalgamate grocery retail with efficient technology.


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