The Pitch

FASOLEAF produces and sells moringa and other super plants to detox, repair, and strengthen immune systems. Using super plants grown by a co-op of women farmers, FASO nutritional supplements are are easy to use, environmentally-friendly and focused on improving overall wellbeing.


Ulrick Yameogo

Ulrick Yameogo

The Entrepreneur

Ulrick Yameogo
Ulrick Yameogo is a multilingual entrepreneur from Burkina-Faso, Africa with a passion for art, music and the environment. He moved to New Orleans in 2016 to pursue an MBA at Loyola University. Growing up in Africa, he was always connected to plants, but was troubled by the diabetic and cholesterol epidemic that his family experienced. He recognized sugar addiction as a global challenge, especially in the Black community, and wanted to combat miseduction in this community. While at Loyola, he founded FASOLEAF, a business representing a co-op of women farmers, artists, educators and food activists by using research and advocacy to teach, heal and create a self-sustainable economy.


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