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Dishroom Heroes is a non-profit organization helping at-risk, underemployed adults find jobs as skilled custodial and dish room personnel while sharpening life skills and pursuing a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle beyond entry level employment.

Jeff Gulotta

Jeff Gulotta

The Entrepreneur

Jeff is a native of New Orleans and has worked for over 20 years in the local restaurant industry. He has a degree in Fine Arts and is a particularly unaccomplished amateur comedian. In 2014, he and two business partners opened MOPHO Restaurant in Mid-City, where he serves as general manager. Jeff also volunteers at Liberty’s Kitchen and Cafe Reconcile, where local youth try to teach him how to be cool, but sadly their efforts thus far have proven to be unsuccessful.


During the Startup Accelerator Program, Dishroom Heroes completed a successful crowdfunding campaign. They also completed a business and fundraising plan to put into action moving forward. A curriculum was established that they are ready to put it into practice in the first few weeks of 2016.


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