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The Pitch

Connected Earth Sciences better wetland management through vessel-based data collection and near real-time distribution.


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Christopher Spring

Christopher Spring

The Entrepreneur

Christopher has a unique blend of focused coastal research and professional software engineering. He received BS in Geology from the University of New Orleans in 2003. He focused on coastal geomorphology and concentrated his graduate research on building predictive models of a coastline’s response to environmental change. Following hurricane Katrina, Chris started working in the private sector as a software engineer. Over the past 10 years he has worked to design computing solutions for businesses ranging from small tech-startups to multinational Fortune 10 corporations.


During the Accelerator, Connected Earth Sciences completed alpha product testing in Tulane’s water lab with the support of Dr. Michael Blum, and proved that the device could measure changes in salinity. Plans are in place to measure the precision of the sensor with the hope of securing investment to fund beta testing in January 2016.


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