Chef D’z Cafe on the Ave.

The Pitch

Chef D’z Café is a full service restaurant and catering company located on South Broad Street.

Donald Smith

Donald Smith

The Entrepreneur

Chef Donald Smith was born and raised in New Orleans, the heart and soul of Creole and Cajun culture. He learned the ins and outs of authentic Cre- ole Cuisine at the feet of his mother and uncle. Donald relocated to the Bay Area in 2001, with Aramark Corporation. To enhance and broaden his knowledge and skills of Creole Cuisine and add a little more professional twist to it, he attended Louisiana Vo-Tech College and obtained a certi cate in Culinary Arts. Donald later attended Delgado Community College, where he earned an AOS De- gree in Culinary Arts in New Orleans, Louisiana.


2018 South Broad Business Initiative




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