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Center for Restorative Approaches provides schools, workplaces and other communities with training, consulting and facilitation of dialogue circles which improve communication, build relationships, reduce violence and allow those most impacted by conflict and wrongdoing to develop their own solutions for justice and well-being.

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Troi Bechet

Troi Bechet

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Troi Bechet
Troi has over 25 years of human service management experience. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of New Orleans and a Master’s In Social Work for Southern University at New Orleans. She has served as the Director of the Community Building Initiative at Neighborhood Housing Services, the Director of the New Orleans Theatre Association, and the Vice-President of Operations of the New Orleans Private Industry Council. Currently she serves as the President/CEO of the Center for Restorative Approaches which she founded in 2008 to provide a mechanism to build healthier communities in the New Orleans area and enhance community members capacity to resolve conflict in peaceful ways.


Punitive school discipline policies like suspensions lead to the denial of educational services, increased dropout rates, entry into the juvenile justice system, and potential incarceration. More constructive alternatives to suspensions offer opportunities to repair harm, strengthen relationships, and keep kids learning in the classroom.


  • 520 circles facilitated
  • 2000 staff trained to reduce school suspensions and break the school to prison pipeline
  • 1200 instructional hours saved


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