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Capstone operates 30 previously vacant non-productive lots in the Lower 9th Ward, which it transformed into productive gardens, orchards and apiaries to distribute food to those who need it at free or reduced cost.

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David Young

David Young

The Entrepreneur

David worked in commercial agriculture for nine years. Following a 22 year career in law enforcement which included five years as Chief of Police David became a full-time volunteer. In 2009 he made his first trip to New Orleans to help rebuild houses. Recognizing a greater need in the Lower 9th Ward David founded Capstone. Five years later, Capstone currently operates community gardens, orchards, and apiaries on 30 blighted and nonproductive lots that provide food to those in need at no or reduced cost.


Capstone successfully entered the retail market with its product Capstone Raw Honey, a sustainable source of revenue to pay for the food they share with residents of the Lower 9th Ward. Since the start of Propeller’s Startup Accelerator, Capstone completed the permitting and licensing process, bottled the first Capstone Raw Honey in a commercial kitchen seven weeks ahead of schedule and secured nine additional markets which yielded over $3,000 in retail sales for the first six weeks. In 2015, Capstone shared 2,550 pounds of food with residents of the Lower 9th Ward, which is an increase from the 1,660 pounds shared in 2014.


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During our time in the Accelerator program, all of our goals were reached and exceeded thanks to the focus and resources offered by Propeller.

David Young
Founder, Capstone (Propeller'15)