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Bhoomi develops cane water based cold-pressed beverages, which are refreshing, hydrating and naturally delicious. Bhoomi is made by cold pressing sugarcane stalk that contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

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Arpit Bhopalkar & Elora Turner

Arpit Bhopalkar & Elora Turner

The Entrepreneur

Arpit Bhopalkar (Co-Founder & CEO) Arpit is originally from Indore, India and came to New Orleans five years ago to study at Tulane University for his MBA. As a former International Table Tennis athlete for India, he was advised by his trainers and coaches to consume cane water for its natural hydrating properties. He grew up watching people around him consuming and benefitting from cane water.

Since coming to New Orleans, he immersed into the entrepreneurial scene in New Orleans and has consulted for various startups. He was surprised to see sugarcane grown on a large scale in the U.S. but cane water was not readily available to the people. While at Tulane, he was determined to introduce benefits of the cane water in the U.S. After graduating, he led Bhoomi’s participation in local startup competitions and ended up winning the Jedco Challenge and the Food showcase at the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2017. Bhoomi is in various locations across New Orleans and is growing rapidly.


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