Beyond the Bayou Excursions

The Pitch

Beyond the Bayou Excursions educates participants about coastal land loss in Louisiana and the value of the wetlands to the nation through immersion trips.

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Wendy Billiot

Wendy Billiot

The Entrepreneur

Wendy holds a U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license with which she operates educational wetland ecotours. She also owns and operates Camp Dularge in Southeast Louisiana. Combining these two resources allows her to offer immersion trips for those who want to know more about Louisiana’s wetlands and coastal Louisiana. For the past eight years, Wendy has written an interactive blog called “”. She is also a freelance writer for many print and online publications. Wendy is recognized in the environmental community for her endeavors in educating others about coastal land loss and the wetlands.


2015 Startup Ventures




Through a blend of their in-house team, my lead mentor, university interns and private business, I walked away from the Accelerator program with the tools to make this transition a successful one and a new found confidence that my venture will succeed. This program is designed to help ventures succeed. Almost every tool one needs to set up and get going is available free of charge through this program. I’m also looking forward to seeing the success of my cohorts in the 2015 Accelerator Program.

Wendy Billiot
Founder, Beyond the Bayou Excursions (Propeller'15)