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Adinkra (Elizabeth Fletcher), utilizes unschooling methods and home study networking as a way to develop life-long learners who value community, education, and culture.

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Adinkra NOLA
Elizabeth Fletcher

Elizabeth Fletcher

The Entrepreneur

Elizabeth is the Founder and Executive Director of Adinkra NOLA, a burgeoning home-study curriculum provider and support organization for people of color. In addition to becoming a Louisiana State Certified English teacher, Elizabeth is also a certified parent educator, an educational consultant, and a 2010 recipient of the New Orleans NAACP Jessie Vickman Special Teacher Award for her work involving youth in the political process. Her goal at Adinkra NOLA is to ensure that the minority population has access to a modern, quality education that develops them socially, emotionally, and academically. She believes in the genius and creative natures of ALL children and that it is her job as a community leader to do as much as she can to cultivate the innate abilities that children carry within themselves.


Adrinkra NOLA solidified pricing, accounting and bookkeeping system. They also implemented a marketing and fundraising strategy that raised over $6000. Adinkra experienced a significant amount of growth: they merged with their second location, took on 8 new students and found a new location for the school with double the capacity. They are prepared for a great school year that will be provide quality education, including experiential learning opportunities, to 32 students.


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