A Priority One Rental Car

The Pitch

A Priority One Rental Car is a local family-owned and operated rental car company providing low rates for daily and weekly rentals since 2001.

James Washington Sr. & James Washington Jr.

James Washington Sr. & James Washington Jr.

The Entrepreneur

In 2001, James Washington Jr. was a car washer before deciding to take the chance on starting his own business. He learned about the rental car industry from watching his father, James Washington Sr., who was a partner at a locally-owned rental car company. Once he purchased his own LLC, James Jr. took a shot at the rental car industry and was later joined by his father. The name “A Priority One” originates from the importance of transportation for everyday tasks. With a customer base consisting primarily of locals who need a car for a day or two; that need for transportation from Point A to Point B is always Priority Number One.


2018 South Broad Business Initiative




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