Propeller and fellow incubators team up for Kickstarter CREATE

Propeller joins 4.0 Schools, The Idea Village, and Launch Pad in hosting Kickstarter CREATE, a program designed to help local innovators brainstorm ideas, design creative projects, and use the crowdfunding platform to launch them into the world.

13 November 2014

Propeller is excited to announce a new opportunity for local innovators to share their ideas with a creative community of millions. Propeller, Idea Village, 4.0 Schools, and 52 Businesses are teaming up with Kickstarter on an exciting new initiative to support local creativity. 

The program will harness the innovative, creative, and collaborative spirit of the New Orleans entrepreneurial community, culminating in the opportunity to showcase launched Kickstarter projects at New Orleans Entrepreneurship Week (March 20-27, 2015) and Launch Fest (April 15, 2015). Kickstarter representatives will provide mentorship, access to the creator community, and educational resources. 

Interested participants are encouraged to attend an in-depth workshop:

Thursday, November 20th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

LaunchPad, IP Boardroom

RSVP here


Apply by December 19th:

Creators will be selected by Kickstarter and Kickstarter CREATE partners. Applicants from all fields are welcome to apply. Projects must fall within the Kickstarter rules and creators must meet Kickstarter eligibility guidelines.

To apply, write to with the following:

Subject: Incubator initiative


  • Creator name
  • E-mail address
  • Kickstarter preview link (while the project need not be ready for launch, the preview link should give us a strong sense of your project idea and include a draft description, rough cut video—or at least a concept outline, and initial reward ideas)

For any questions regarding this initiative, email

Download the Kickstarter CREATE one pager.