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11 November 2014

Live Oak Wildnerness Camp

Live Oak Wilderness Camp is a summer camp and leadership development program that connects and empowers diverse cohorts of student leaders. 


Live Oak Wilderness Camp seeks an intern to offer administrative support in preparation for enrollment for the inaugural session in Summer 2015. Help build to the infrastructure to allow kids to take on big challenges, work as members of diverse teams, and develop their leadership strengths. This position is unpaid and requires a commitment of 5-10 hours per week.

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Greenman Dan

Greenman Dan is a full service New Orleans landscape design company with a focus on innovative water management and reuse that specializes in working with the Louisiana landscape. 

Landscape Production Manager

The Landscape Production Manager will manage landscape construction projects, and act as an intermediary between landscape field operations and company management. Minimum 2-year degree in horticulture or equivalent topic or 4 years of “in field” experience. Salary commensurate with experience.

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The Landscaper must know and gain proficiency in performing regular/advanced tasks of landscape installation/construction. This position should be able to perform with minimal technical supervision. Hourly wage $12-$15/hour.

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Landscape Maintenance/Installation Foreperson

The "Landscape Maintenance/Installation Foreperson" must be proficient in performing complex tasks of landscape maintenance, installation, irrigation repair and analysis, advanced pruning and trimming skills, and demonstrate the ability to work within the quality and performance guidelines as established by company. This position also is responsible for field level management of crews on individual projects. Hourly wage $14-$17/hour.

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Treux North Wellness

Treux North Wellness is a health and wellness consulting practice providing fitness programming for school-based, community, and corporate fitness classes.

Fitness instructors (independent contractor)

Treux North is hiring fitness instructors to work as needed to join the Treux North fitness team. Certified group fitness instructors of all kinds are encouraged to apply - Zumba,  yoga, kickboxing,  Pilates,  circuit training, African dance, etc. Schedules and locations vary, including schools, churches, and various community locations. Placement can be based on availability; length of classes include 30 min, 45 min, and 60 min. AFAA,  ACE, or other group exercise certification is preferred but not required to start.  CPR training preferred.

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Community Plates

Community Plates is a 501c3 national non-profit dedicated to ending food insecurity in New Orleans. To do this we use a technological platform to coordinate opportunities for our volunteers to pick up excess food, from where it might otherwise be wasted, and deliver it to organizations that serve food-insecure individuals.

Community Plates launched in New Orleans September 2014 and is looking to connect with the numerous food organizations in this great community.

Research and Development Intern

Community Plates New Orleans is currently seeking a Research and Development Intern to assist the Local Site Director, and support the development of the New Orleans Site, through researching and accumulating information regarding food donation opportunities. This intern will gain experience in developing an extension of a national non-profit through the designated duties and demands of the position, as well as by participating in key discussions, meetings, and events. This is a 3-month long internship with the opportunity to renew at the end of the designated time. This position is unpaid, but the intern can receive class credit in accordance with given university policies and procedures. 

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Center for Restorative Approaches

The Center for Restorative Approaches (CRA) works to replace cultures of violence and punitive disciplinary practices with cultures focused on violence prevention and restorative approaches throughout New Orleans. CRA transforms school, organization and the community cultures by training individuals in restorative approaches, which seeks to identify conflict, repair harm and restore individual and community relationships. The organization has facilitated hundreds of restorative circles with youth and families across the city as an alternative to suspension or expulsion since its establishment in 2007.

Restorative Facilitator (volunteer)

The CRA seeks a volunteer restorative facilitator to convene Restorative Circles. The primary responsibility of the facilitator is to ensure that all participants have an equal opportunity to speak and be heard and that all participants have equal input on any decision made by the group. The role of the facilitator is to bring the process to those in conflict and assist them in coming up with their own solutions on how to repair the harm. The facilitator will receive referrals (primarily grad levels prek-12) from schools, neighborhoods, families, organizations, and the legal system for incidents addressed through Restorative Circles including on-going conflict, fighting, assault, outbursts, vandalism, theft, disrespect, etc. Facilitators will meet with each individual referred as well as members of family and support networks to prepare them for the community conference. When the conference is convened, he/she will facilitate the meeting and follow up afterwards.


  • Must have a flexible schedule during school hours 7:30-4:30 pm and be willing to contact and receive calls from families on nights and weekends
  • Minimum 1 year service commitment and facilitation of at least 3 circles during that year.
  • Weekly schedule will vary depending upon the number of referrals accepted . In general, each referral requires an average of 10 hours to complete the restorative circle process.

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Early Education Centers in Unison

Early Education Centers in Unison (EECU) is an alliance of childcare centers working together to save costs and increase efficiency by combining and streamlining backoffice administration.

Part-time Bookkeeper 

The part-time bookkeeper will develop a system to account for financial transaction, define bookeeping policies and procedures, maintain and balance subsidiary accounts, maintain and balance general ledger, maintain historical records, and prepare financial reports. S/he will comply with federal, state, and local legal requirements and contribute to the team effort by accomplishing related projects as needed. Previous experience with a child care center is preferred.

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Pollan Dobbs PLLC Attorneys at Law

Pollan Dobbs PLLC is a workers' compensation law firm representing injured workers with offices in MS, TN, and LA. 

Louisiana Licensed Attorney (New Orleans)

1-5 years of practical legal experience.  Workers' Comp experience preferred. Strong negotiator. Fast-paced, modern, but flexible office. Technology

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