Intro to Programming with the Wiley Cousins

Three-month course taught in Processing

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March 6 – May 23, 2014


Propeller Incubator: Large Conference Room
4035 Washington Ave
New Orleans, LA 70125

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Want to learn how to code? Want to make interactive installations? Already slinging for loops around, but need refinement or help with a new project? Take this class! It will be taught in Processing.

This is a 3 month class with a rather open format. If you want to come some times and not others, feel free to. However, the objective is after taking 12 classes you will be profecient at writing code. Meaning that you will be able to debug your problems, search the web for help, and implement the answers you find in your code. Once you can do that, the door is wide open for what you can accomplish with code.

The class will meet every Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Propeller Incubator, 4035 Washington Ave. Please note, a few classes will meet on Friday due to room conflicts, and a few classes will meet from 5pm-6pm.

Full Class Schedule:

Week 1 : Thursday, March 6
Week 2: Thursday, March 13
Week 3: Thursday, March 20 5:00pm-6:00pm
Week 4: Friday, March 28
Week 5: Thursday, April 3
Week 6: Friday, April 11
Week 7: Thursday, April 17, 5:00pm-6:00pm
Week 8: Friday, April 25
Week 9: Thursday, May 1
Week 10: Thursday, May 8
Week 11: Thursday, May 15
Week 12: Friday, May 23


$10 per class (first class only)
$40 for 4 classes
$100 for 12 classes


Laptop & Processing

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Your Instructors:

Cole Wiley is a sculptor and computer scientist with experience in software development, web development, sculpture, digital art, interactive installations, computer vision, 3d modeling, rapid prototyping, and a couple other things. His favorite language at the moment is CoffeeScript. He enjoys a double espresso in the morning, and a rye whiskey neat in the evening.

Michael Cousins is a mechatronics engineer and coffee enthusiast. He got himself a 3D printer in college and never really looked back. He’s worked designing and building plastic injection molded parts, circuit boards, and robots. The robots only occasionally try to hurt him; that’s why we make him wear safety goggles.