Tinker Session with 3D Printers!

Help us update our 3D printers. Or, come and watch them live and in action!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Propeller Incubator: Large Conference Room
4035 Washington Ave
New Orleans, LA 70125

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Have you recently been hearing talk of 3D printing and are curious about this new craze? Or, maybe you are an experienced Maker and will jump on any opportunity to design and build in 3D.

Regardless of your experience, all are welcome to Propeller’s first 3D Tinker session. Propeller recently acquired THREE 3D printers from our tenants Publiclab.org and these printers need updating!

Join us for an informal, but facilitated, Tinker session. Attendees can choose to just watch or get hands on with the printers. By the end of the session, we’re hopeful that you can see the 3D printers in action!

Again, no previous experience necessary and all are welcome. This tinker session is free and open to the public.

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Jenna deBoisblanc is a New Orleans native, maker, programmer, artist, and teacher. She majored in physics, which served as her introduction to electronics and Arduinos. While living in New York City, she taught introductory electronics classes and took computer science courses atNYU. In her free time, she loves to tinker; some of her projects include programmable LED bike turning indicators and an electronic MIDIxylophone. Jenna is currently Chief Maker at MakerState, an education startup that’s bringing hands-on STEAM learning to kids around the country.

Dan Beavers is currently retired from a career as a computer scientist with NASA contractors in addition to a few jobs involving geographic information systems (GIS). He is a 3D printer enthusiast, web developer, amateur radio (HAM) operator, and citizen science organizer with PublicLab.org. Dan lives just outside of Picayune Mississippi with his wife Brenda and two cats. So yes, some good things come out of Mississippi.

Cole Wiley is a sculptor and computer scientist with experience in software development, web development, sculpture, digital art, interactive installations, computer vision, 3d modeling, rapid prototyping, and a couple other things. His favorite language at the moment is CoffeeScript. He enjoys a double espresso in the morning, and a rye whiskey neat in the evening.

Michael Cousins is a mechatronics engineer and coffee enthusiast. He got himself a 3D printer in college and never really looked back. He’s worked designing and building plastic injection molded parts, circuit boards, and robots. The robots only occasionally try to hurt him; that’s why we make him wear safety goggles.