PitchNOLA: Water 2021

Entrepreneurs pitch solutions to solve problems in our urban water management, coastal environment, or local water economy.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Join us on Zoom for PitchNOLA: Water 2021, Thursday, June 17 at 6:00 pm

PitchNOLA: Water 2021 will feature five innovative entrepreneurs with exciting strategies to address pressing issues in New Orleans’ urban water management, coastal environment, and local water economy. Participating ventures will debut pitches for the chance to win prize money as determined by judges and the audience. Join us to learn more from current and future leaders in water management and to support passionate, local entrepreneurs.

Growth Stage Award: $10,000
Startup Stage Award: $5,000
Audience Favorite Awards: $500

Growth Stage Ventures
Glass Half Full recycles New Orleans’ glass into sand and cullet used for disaster relief, eco-construction, new glass products, and so much more. Since its inception in 2020, Glass Half Full has diverted 800,000 pounds of glass from our landfills. We are reimagining recycling as an inclusive movement to build community and benefit our planet.

Ubuntu is a trusted contractor for full service stormwater management projects. The company is highly motivated by technology and its mission towards urban resilience.

Startup Stage Ventures

Glory Gardens designs and builds ecologically regenerative gardens and green spaces that reduce flooding and contributes to the health and wealth of households by providing access to produce that is sustainably grown, nutrient dense, and marketable. Their focus is to center gardens as an impactful tool for implementing a holistic approach to improving the lives of individuals and the health of communities.

Grow On addresses blight through the implementation of stormwater management systems that support urban agriculture, aid in the remediation of soil, and in turn enable more food cultivation and support for the local community.

Urbanscapes Design+Build Youth Program is a multi-disciplinary collaborative of educators, artists, activists, designers, and builders. Their mission is to balance the connection between the urban landscape of New Orleans and its natural environment, while teaching the next generation of green leaders to continue this work. Urbanscapes designs, builds and maintains innovative water management systems in urban landscapes for homeowners and public spaces.