Travel Vision Board Workshop for Entrepreneurs

It's time to balance work and play! Attend this workshop and allow your travel goals to take flight. A vision board is a creative way to turn your dreams into reality, alongside other entrepreneurs.

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Saturday, December 2, 2017
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM


Propeller Incubator
4035 Washington Ave
New Orleans, LA 70125

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It’s Time for Your Vision to Take Flight!

Have you always wanted to travel, but never seem to have enough time or money? Why not create a Travel Vision Board? A vision board is a creative way to turn your dream into reality. In vision yourself WHEREEVER you post on your board. Attend the Travel Vision Board workshop and get the step-by-step tools you’ll need for your vision to “Take Flight”. Learn the Top 5 strategies to achieving your travel goals, share ideas, and discover ways to plan travels that won’t break the bank, while connecting and engaging with other like-minded participants over cocktails and chews. This event is suitable for all ages and walks of life.

Stop wishing and start DOING. Take the first step, by attending the Travel Vision Board workshop on Saturday, December 2.

All supplies will be provided: boards, glue, scissors, and magazines. If you have magazines you would like to share with the group please feel free to bring them.

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