Financial Forecasting: The difference between entrepreneurs and business owner

Understanding the true value Tax Accountants provide for small businesses looking to avoid tax penalties.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


Propeller Incubator: Large Conference Room
4035 Washington Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125

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Join Bo Tucker of Tucker ACS, LLC for a workshop focused on using Microsoft Excel to produce projections for growing businesses and providing them with a usable daily cash budget. Breaking down operations to a smaller time-frame and projecting along a given growth rate allows businesses to produce realistic projections as opposed to the fabricated projections many startup businesses develop. Use our budgets to determine when to hire additional employees, rent additional working space, or when to protect working capital to manage cash shortfalls in the near future.

Agenda: *Why do you need a cash budget (<5min) *How to use a daily cash budget(5min) *Using a cash budget to forecast financial positions(5min) *Using quantifiable indicators to forecast revenue(15min) *Separating fixed and variable costs (10min) *Forecasting cash outflows as a function of revenue (10min) *Using your cash budget to make long-term financial decisions (15min) *Open questions (25min)

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About the facilitators:
Bo Tucker
After winning the Louisiana state championship in Cross Examination Debate, Bo Tucker turned down offers to join nationally competitive debate teams to begin working at a New Orleans accounting and consulting firm while pursuing his degree in medicinal chemistry at the University of New Orleans with the initial goal was to compile a unique skill set of knowledge of medicinal chemistry, financial accounting, and a law degree. However, during my time at UNO, Tucker came to realize that the primary source of jobs that would be made available to his generation were self-created by entrepreneurs; and that any other opportunities were few, far-between, and difficult to obtain. To this end, Tucker makes the best effort to provide no-nonsense advisement to entrepreneurs in New Orleans in their effort to better the community and create jobs that they enjoy. Our firm, Tucker A.C.S., specializes in providing high tech, value-based engagements to all businesses in New Orleans.

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