A Beginner’s Guide to Python

Join Arthur Richardson for an introductory approach to Object Oriented Programming Concepts.

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May 12 – June 18, 2015


Propeller: Large Conference Room
4035 Washington Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125

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Picture in your mind a magical world. A world inhabited by witches, wizards, fantastic creatures, dark forests, deep dungeons and mighty citadels. A world where anything is possible. Now, imagine if you could step into that world.

This course will give you the opportunity to take your first step into the wonderful, magical world of Object Oriented Programming. Through the Python language, you will learn the basic skills you need to begin exploring the possibilities, and harnessing the power of this amazing world. With me as your guide, you will learn to write Python scripts that carry out everything from simply displaying text on a screen to text-based games. Concepts will be gradually introduced to prevent confusion and in-class exercises will help you retain what you learn. You will also be exposed to best practices that are used in the programming industry and to the kind of philosophic discourse that programming facilitates.

So, if you’re ready to expand your understanding of a key piece of your world and to go on wondrous adventures that must be experienced to be believed, join me on this journey into the magical realm of Python Programming.

You will need:

  • A computer
  • A passion for learning code

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More about the facilitator:
Arthur Richards began programming 5 years ago while completing his degree in Mathematics at Tulane University. He now holds an M.S. in Computational Science from Tulane and works as a Junior Software Developer at Entek Solutions in New Orleans where he applies his extensive knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.

This is a 6 week course starting May 12th. Session will be 2 hours long, twice a week. Seating is limited, so register now to secure your spot.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to the instructor via email at arthurarichardson@gmail.com.


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