Impact Accelerator

A 4-month program to grow or transform your business.

Propeller’s Impact Accelerator, sponsored by The Kellogg Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, Jones-Walker, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, Advancing Cities, Greater New Orleans Foundation, and Hancock Whitney, is an interactive 4-month accelerator program that provides entrepreneurs with coaching, community building, curriculum, and technical assistance.

Our program enables entrepreneurs to build ventures that are grounded in financial viability, social impact, racial equity, and a demonstrated commitment to the prosperity of our city and region. 

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Applications are now closed for the 2021 Impact Accelerator. Follow us @gopropeller on social media to learn about this year’s class!

Interested in applying in the future? Fill out this form and we will be in contact in the upcoming year.  More information for next year’s Impact Accelerator will be made available Summer 2022. Stay tuned!

Propeller Entrepreneur Profile:

Propeller’s mission is to grow and support entrepreneurs to tackle social and environmental disparities. We envision an inclusive and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Orleans that responds to community needs and creates the conditions for an equitable future. As a member of the Propeller community, our entrepreneurs are encouraged to work collaboratively with persistence, resourcefulness, and a commitment to equity.

The Propeller entrepreneur:

  • Commits to the operationalization and integration of racial equity within their business processes.
  • Communicates barriers and is vulnerable in facing the challenges and realities of entrepreneurship.
  • Embodies resilience throughout processes and a realistic sense of self and surrounding environment(s).
  • Possesses a willingness to grow, reflect, and learn.
  • Approaches programming with effort and curiosity.
  • Takes initiative and follows through on one’s practices and goals.
  • Focuses on the social, environmental, and financial impact within our local community.
  • Works in collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs towards a common goal and fostering a stronger, more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Orleans.

Focus Areas

Community Economic Development

In community economic development, Propeller’s Impact Accelerator focuses on supporting Black entrepreneurs growing brick-and-mortar businesses that create jobs and build community along the Broad Street corridor. Additionally, the CED focus area supports BIPOC-led organizations working to create an equitable operating environment for BIPOC-led real estate developers and Black, Indigenous, and Latinx entrepreneurs that develop affordable housing in the Broad Street Corridor.

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In education, Propeller’s Impact Accelerator focuses on supporting entrepreneurs bringing equitable, culturally-relevant practices and policies to local education systems and skill development opportunities.

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In food, Propeller’s Impact Accelerator focuses on supporting entrepreneurs who have an existing consumer packaged good (CPG) brand, or whose food service businesses are pivoting to produce consumer packaged goods and other local food products, with an emphasis on sustainable, healthy, and affordable products made with locally-sourced ingredients. Propeller will prioritize innovative ideas that will build a more equitable, just and sustainable food system.

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In health, Propeller’s Impact Accelerator focuses on supporting entrepreneurs providing direct health and wellness services, including clinical care, and services that address the social and physical determinants of health. Propeller will prioritize entrepreneurs working to serve a BIPOC client base.

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In water, Propeller’s Impact Accelerator focuses on supporting entrepreneurs working in urban water management, coastal restoration, and adaptation or resilience, as well as those working to diversify the local water economy. Propeller will give priority to ventures strengthening the local water economy to increase how the industry represents and includes BIPOC individuals.

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